Iron Cloud Data Management
Your trusted partner to realise your comprehensive data management strategy.
Iron Cloud Data Management

Iron Cloud Data Management

Your trusted partner to realise your comprehensive data management strategy.
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Iron Cloud - We take care of your data, so you can take care of business

To thrive in today’s digital world, your business needs to manage, retain and secure an exponentially growing volume of data. Iron Mountain is your partner in modernising your data management strategy:

  • Secure data protection: Intelligent data protection, data encryption – both in transit and at rest - and a secure chain of custody to ensure the highest standard of protection and compliance of secondary data and long-term retention assets.
  • Predictable cost: Iron Cloud's simple pricing model does not charge additional fees for data access, egress, ingress or support requests, thereby saving customers thousands of dollars annually.
  • Flexible options: Iron Mountain delivers a comprehensive, yet flexible solution portfolio to assist its customers to modernise their IT environments, including capabilities for data classification, data tagging, data compliance, data shuttle and cloud seeding.
Iron Mountain Iron Cloud

Find the ideal cloud storage solution for your business:

iron cloud back up - highlight

Iron Cloud Backup

Challenge: Replicate data off-site so it is protected, yet available for fast and efficient recovery

Cloud Backup Solution: Flexible, on-demand backup service featuring end-to-end encryption
Disaster Recovery- Server room

Iron Cloud Disaster Recovery Service

Challenge: Minimise downtime due to disaster

Disaster Recovery Solution: Hybrid cloud solution to protect critical data and applications
Iron Mountain Cloud Archive

Iron Cloud Archive

Challenge: Long-term data storage for compliance, conservation or value-creation

Cloud Archive Solution: Pay-as-you-use cloud storage with enterprise-class SLAs, stringent security protocols and near-infinite scalability

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