Focus on what you do best. We’ll handle the rest. 
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Focus on what you do best. We’ll handle the rest. 

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When it comes to driving efficiency and innovation, the last thing your HR department needs is to be bogged down in manual and paper-burdened processes and procedures. That’s why we’ve created a suite of solutions to help you increase agility, reduce errors and focus your resources more effectively. As the leader in information management, our solutions can help you transform to a more digital way of working. Understand how our solutions meet your specific needs.

“Some people were nervous about losing sight of the paperwork, but even when the processing had barely started we were able to retrieve documents within 24 hours."

Alberto Uttranadhie Martín
Documentation Officer

Automate key HR functions


Time spent on tactical and administrative tasks prevents strategic, high-value initiatives


Complementary Solutions

Use the following services in conjunction with our Workflow Automation™ powered by Hyland solution or on a standalone basis. Whatever your choice, you’ll be taking key steps towards a more digital way of working.

Document Capture: Convert paper documents into digital files on an up-front or as-needed basis. Learn More

Records Storage: Store physical documents in a secure Iron Mountain Records Centre and retrieve when you need them. Learn More

Secure Shredding: Destroy unneeded paper-based records and media in a compliant, safe and cost-effective way. Learn More

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