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Iron Mountain’s Fine Art Storage Solution offers customised packing, transport and storage for your high value artwork and artefacts.

Our secure vault facilities offer the ideal climate-controlled environment for the storage of fine art collections. Our expert team members are here to help you at every step of the way to ensure your fine pieces are carefully safeguarded.

We understand that your pieces are precious and irreplaceable. We will ensure that your artwork is safely packed ensuring careful protection whilst in transit and storage. Iron Mountain also offers a comprehensive chain of custody with online tracking through a secure web-based portal.

Our purpose-built vaults are:

  • Designed to resist severe weather and natural disasters
  • 24-hour fire and security command, CCTV, smoke and fire detection systems, fire suppression systems
  • Climate controlled – humidity and temperature monitoring

For over 65 years, Iron Mountain has managed high value assets for Local, State and Federal Government bodies and Blue Chip corporations. Across the globe, Iron Mountain serves more than 230,000 customers in 50 countries and five continents.

Trust in Iron Mountain to safeguard your fine artwork, contact us today.

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