Records and Information Management Solutions for the Energy Industry

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Records and Information Management Solutions for the Energy Industry

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Optimise your Records and Information Management Program 

The Energy industry has a footprint of legacy data – with records that are decades old, in dated formats, and stored in multiple locations. It is challenging to produce what you need in a useable and timely manner, especially if these records are not yet stored in your electronic repositories. 

By leveraging Iron Mountain’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the Energy industry, together with our in-depth experience in energy data management, you can: 

  • Improve visibility, control, protection, and accessibility of your records 
  • Get more value from your investments in electronic content repositories 
  • Enable information governance and enhance the management or your information

Increase the Business Value of your Oil & Gas Data

By utilising Iron Mountain’s comprehensive portfolio of oil and gas solutions, you can:

  • Substantiate your pipeline integrity with records and data that are traceable, verifiable, and accessible
  • Preserve the integrity of your legacy seismic data by preventing its deterioration
  • Quickly access information on your well and land assets 

Services Offered


Records Storage and Management

Utilise offsite records storage to securely manage your records throughout their lifecycle.
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Document Imaging Services

Digitise your physical records and media with our document imaging services. These services will enable you to have fast, secure access to your information, unlock your paper-burdened workflows and work more digitally.


Secure Destruction Services

Protect the privacy of your information by disposing of your records and media in a compliant, safe and cost-effective way. Recycle or re-purpose old, obsolete or decommissioned IT assets through secure, environmentally friendly procedures.

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